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Chen Derong to the Academia Sinica research: promote the high-end development of steel basic products

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Chen Derong to the Academia Sinica research: promote the high-end development of steel basic products

Chen Derong pointed out in his research that although steel is a basic raw material industry, its products are constantly developing, but looking at a longer time dimension, the vast majority of the basic products have made little progress. Too many traditional concepts and practices have been formed from production and manufacturing to user use, which consumes huge resources and energy. China has entered a new stage of development. The 21st CPC Report pointed out that we should "continue to focus on the real economy, promote new industrialization" and "promote high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry". The iron and steel industry should thoroughly implement the new development concept, promote the high-end development of products, comprehensively improve the manufacturing process and user technology of basic products, and realize the upgrading of basic steel products of the whole national economy and society.


Mr. Chen noted that the upgrade makes a lot of sense. It can make the basic products with high strength, corrosion resistance and excellent properties further reduce the unit usage, reduce the user's use cost, extend the service life, and promote the green and low-carbon development of the economy and society. The reduction of cost and consumption will in turn further expand the application field of steel, greatly increase the social application of steel products, for the steel industry to bring huge space for development. For Baowu, it can further exert its comparative advantages and better lead the development of the industry. Baowu's overall equipment technology level, volume scale, spatial layout and production line base specialization can provide strong support.


Chen Derong stressed that each generation of materials supports each generation of manufacturing and civilization. Baowu, as a state-owned enterprise and the world's largest steel enterprise, should actively undertake its mission and responsibility, improve the grade of steel basic products, build a high-quality industrial ecosystem, and promote the progress of human civilization. To become a leader in the global steel and advanced materials industry, Baowu should not be a slogan to be hung on the wall, nor a vanity project, but a vision that can inspire morale, gather consensus, gather resources, and strive to achieve. He required that, under the condition of ensuring the previous new product development ability and investment does not decline, Academia Sinica should carry out a major strategic adjustment, focusing on the research and innovation of a wide range of basic products into high-end, to support the strategic development of the group. On the one hand, we should increase the investment in technological innovation. The innovation of process equipment technology is of universal significance. Baowu's current scale advantage can make previously unimaginable high cost and large investment R&D projects possible. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strong sense of opportunity and time cost concept. On the other hand, extreme efficiency should be realized with extreme thinking. In the aspect of technological innovation, especially, the inherent traditional habit of taking the process as the boundary and beggar-thy-neighbor should be broken to eliminate the "lofting". In addition to technical research, we should also study institutional issues. Many technical problems are not the problem of the technology itself, but the institutional and mechanical obstacles that hinder the progress of technology. It is necessary to break the existing concept and do basic research and overall planning for steel products of the whole spectrum according to different application scenarios. This is a systematic project, which requires the systematic planning and promotion of the supply side, the industry, the government and the users. Just as the automobile plate needs the combination of stamping, welding and other user technologies with on-site manufacturing technologies, the basic products also need to carry out user use technology research, in order to change the traditional use habits formed over decades and guide users to choose materials. The Association for Science and Technology should fully mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of the on-site scientific research personnel, carry out in-depth technical index benchmarking work, increase technical exchanges, so that the scientific research personnel can broaden their vision and innovate ideas in the observation and exchange. Researchers should give full play to the spirit of scientists, carry out original and subversive innovations, and become standard-setters.

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